The Tao of Islam, a Necessary Book Recommendation!
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The Tao of Islam, a Necessary Book Recommendation!

The Tao Of Islam, a Sourcebook on Gender Relationship in Islamic Thouch, authored by the renowned Sachiko Murata. It is a unique work of our age considering it presents gender, male-female dynamics, marriage, rights etc from Traditional Islamic philosophical and mystical POV, and not modern and western notions.

The Muslims who still have the genuine Islamic spirit are fed up but still fighting the modern and western notions of gender, male-female dynamics, marriage, rights etc that unfortunately made their way in the Muslim world to the point that we see some so-called Muslims justifying them through distorted and revisionists interpretations of the Quran and Hadith. Unconsciously, many so-called traditionalists also fell prey to it, and one of the obvious reasons for all this is that the Muslims are lacking or [let’s say] are unaware of the coherent philosophical expositions of the Islamic notion of gender, male-female dynamics, marriage, rights etc and wisdom behind it; that exist in our tradition [and are currently, being revived by the Traditional Muslim scholars, philosophers and thinkers].

One such chief Muslim Philosopher is our Shaykhuna @RealHasanSpiker who is currently working on this project. His recent book on Freedom and Hierarchy and article on Transgenderism are a good head start. People can watch his brilliant podcast as well Nonetheless, Murata’s book is the most detailed one on this subject.

Such kinds of projects are really helpful in the context I just presented above, as well as teaching our kids and generally the young generation, about the Divine wisdom in the Islamic teachings regarding gender, male-female dynamics, marriage, rights etc; so that they do not wander in the blur of blind faith or faith without evidence, about the Islamic teachings and ultimately saved from falling prey to the modern and western notions.

The book might be a bit handy to get on with in case someone is not aware of Islamic mystical philosophy—particularly of Shaykh al-Akbar and later figures influenced by him—even on the beginner level so they can skip right to chapter 5 and 6 onwards that focus specifically on wisdom and rationale behind the Islamic notions of gender, its dynamics and relation and marriage.

Also the author is reliable but still belongs to modern academia so please use your better judgement while reading the book.

The book is easily available online.


By: @SafwanSpiker7

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